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Retail Solutions

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Complete package designed for retail stores, combinations of Intruder, Fire & CCTV systems custom designed for a small to medium sized business at an affordable budget without compromising in quality or service.

For many business owners running a retail store is a dream and a passion, but the reality is if security measures are not in place the dream can turn into a nightmare. Shoplifting and employee theft is just some of the security issues that can cause huge business lose. Speak to one of our Retail Security Specialist today for advice on how to better protect your business and assets.

How can Digimax Systems help improve your retail business?

Intruder Detections Systems - protection measures against burglaries and holdups.
Fire Detection Systems for the safety of your customers, staff and stocks.
Surveillance Systems - Major role in theft protections as well as staff safety and productivity.
Access Control Systems - Restricting access to store rooms.
Checkpoint Systems - Loss Preventions, stats show 1 out 10 customers walking into your store will shoplift.

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Easy and affordable HD CCTV Solution for any size business, contact us today for your free onsite demonstration..